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Our Team - Cultural Department - Cultural Department

Departamento Cultura Instituto San Fernando Aurora Ortega - Education Programmes Coordination and Production


Departamento Cultura Instituto San FernandoJosé Antonio Larios - Education Programmes Coordination 

“Culture is the key to life. It is a basic pillar in our educational programmes."

After eight years of experience in teaching Spanish not only in Spain, I have confirmed that culture should be the fundamental basis for the development of our educational programmes. It is a firm principle to provide comprehensive training to our students both inside and outside the classroom. Cultural training is an essential commitment of Instituto San Fernando.

Departamento Cultura Instituto San Fernando  Elena Lorente - Programmes Coordination in Valencia

Departamento Cultura Instituto San FernandoEsther Guerrero - Education Programmes Coordination and Production

“You can only learn what you feel” 

After going over different places for a long time, after being lost and finding myself again, after comings and goings, suddenly I arrive here. A place where I can condense everything I`m interested in: teaching, travelling, sports, history, culture, literature…to be able to transmit all these things through emotions as the main element of learning it’s something that completes me and that I love to do. To feel a culture, to live it, to get involved in new places, to discover new scent, new tastes… will be, undoubtedly, a unique adventure. 
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