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In Instituto San Fernando, we think that living with a Spanish family is the best way to get "immersed" in
the Spanish culture. All of the families that take in our students have been carefully chosen through a selection process made by our Housing department. Also, it is the best way to experience the best Spanish cuisine. 

The main advantage of living with a family is that, the student is forced to speak Spanish all the time. Our students learn Spanish in daily conversation, in a natural manner; they are closer to the customs,  the culture and the way of living of the Spanish people.
Families bring the warmth of a home, company, and conversation.
They like receiving foreign students and are very hospitable. The student receives attention in a relaxed and friendly environment. Some families have children, some do not. Some have animals, some do not.

Some dedicate a large part of their time to students, others let students ex plore more on their own. There is a family to meet the needs of every student.

Staying with a friend in the same host family is also possible if the student let us know with enough time in advance. This will only be possible with students of the same gender as we do not mix girls and boys in the same family. Students will participate in the normal routine of the families and they will have all the meals included. The laundry is also included once a week.

*In Barcelona and Madrid, our families offer half board (breakfast and dinner) but if the group is interested we can also organize lunch for them.                

 "Make our students feel at home is the rule by which all members of our team start every day".


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