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Seville has passion. This is where flamenco, bullfights, Don Juan, Carmen, Holy Week and the April Fair can be seen and felt by all.

Seville is the past. With the largest oldquarter in all of Europe, virtually all the people of the Mediterranean have left their mark here – the Roman city of Itálica, the Giralda tower with its Moorish and Christian influences, the Torre del Oro (Gold Tower), the Alcázar (Royal Palace), the third largest Cathedral in the world…and that was all before Spain's Golden Century, when Seville was the hub of the Spanish Empire, famous for splendour with which no other city could compare.

Seville is also the future, a modern city, open to all progress, especially since 1992 when it hosted the last Expo of the 20 th century. But without a doubt, Seville's finest asset is its people. As warm and lively as anywhere in Spain, they are always ready to help visitors, and delighted to share their cheerfulness and local traditions.

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